Friday, February 8, 2008

"Create in me"

On Sunday, Feb. 10 I will be preaching on a portion of the 51st Psalm and, in particular, the verse where David pleads for a "new heart." David, as you know, did not start out as the most ethical or moral person on earth and it took a confrontation with the prophet Nathan to come to grips with his sinfulness.

So, the question for the week is this: What does it mean for God to create within us "new hearts?" How do we move from the people we are today to the people God would have us be tomorrow?

If you're willing, please share how that transformation has taken place in your life.

Blessings as we continue our Lenten pilgrimage. May each of us experience the gift of a "clean heart!"


Anonymous said...

Pastor Carl:
Having been a Christian since childhood, I've always trusted in the Lord. Over my many years as an educator, I came to realize that my tongue was both my greatest gift (good at languages; teaching) and my greatest challenge (too candid and direct with people). In fact, there are many prohibitions in the Bible about the "power of the tongue." So recently, I've asked the Lord for the gift of discernment to better judge how much I should say. Sometimes the most charitable thing is to leave things better unsaid. Silence is golden!

Amy said...

this transformation occurs when we make a conscious decision to become a christian. when we give ourselves to the lord on a weekly, daily, and minute by minute basis. it is not easy, but we must continue to press into the lord. striving to be pleasing to him. as we continue this process it becomes easier for us to follow the lord and as we are "Created" again.